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WARNING: some of the technical articles contained on this page are graphic intensive and may take a while to load!

90asc15.gif (3791 bytes) was designed not only act as a virtual catalogue for our products, but also as a forum that allows us to promote better understanding, maintenance and knowledge of cooling systems.

The tech talk section of the website is perhaps the most interesting.  It contains articles containing the most basic information, right through to information of specific products and our R&D exercises.

The  most important article is 'Intercoolers - a must read' which explains everything we think is important about intercoolers, and what you should factor in when purchasing one.


- Intercoolers - Must Read is a article packed with tech info, R&D results, our opinions and knowledge.  We spend hundreds of hours on R&D, and this page really explains the difference between an ARE product and our opposition. 
Air to Water Intercooling A technical article on ARE's custom Air to Water Intercooling products including technical graphs and info.  Air/Water 'Coolers are beneficial in Stop/start, drag racing, towing, 4 x 4 offroad environments.
Dry Ice Intercooling For the ultimate in Intercooling a Dry Ice setup is the only way.  This HUGE article (graphic intensive) contains the details of ARE's intensive R&D program into Dry Ice 'Cooling
Focus on Intercooler Construction A article on the varies factors you should consider about Intercoolers.
 A tech article including technical drawings.
Intercooler Ratings
- Kilowatts and cfm
Discusses the system ARE uses to rate their 'coolers and why.
Back to Basics - A very basic article on what an intercooler is, what it does, and why you need one.
Construction - Although covered in 'Intercoolers a must read' this again explains the difference in construction of various intercoolers.


Aluminium Radiators - Aluminium radiators are now fitted to almost all new vehicles.  This article briefly explains why copper/brass cores have been faded out and replaced by aluminium ones.  It also gives a good introduction to the world of radiators and has a important section on cooling system maintenance (helping to avoid some of the horror situations).
Stray Current Enemy number one of a radiator.
Horror Pictures - A must read about cooling systems.  This article encapsulates the very MUST NOT DO'S of cooling.  Take ten minutes to read this and you could save $$$ hundreds!!!!
Focus on Radiators - A short article explaining more about tube construction and fin design.
Thermostats - the what's what! - An article taken form the Tridon catalogue, giving a very clear explanation on thermostats and their purpose.
Importance of Radiator Caps - Radiator caps a very important part of any cooling system, have the wrong cap and no matter now good the radiator it will not operate to maximum efficiency.  This explains a little more...
The importance of Coolants - The psychedelic green stuff that goes in you cooling system.  This is a very in-depth article on their purpose, it also contains a large amount of technical graphs and tables.  (With thanks to Techtaloy)

Other Information...

Glossary  - Helps explain some of the abbreviations and terms used extensively on our site!
R&D Although brief and still under construction this page introduces some of the techniques used by ARE Cooling regarding our extensive Research and Development programme.  It is the effort that had gone into discovering the best designs that makes our products superior.
Air Flow Testing Air Flow meter testing on Intercoolers

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